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The Skylab Story

Skylab was founded in 2018 by TJ Rak, a photographer with 15 years of industry experience, and Alireza Shafaei, a machine learning PhD. Together they are building the picture perfect team to bring the future of portrait editing to the world, from Vancouver, Canada. 


Paul Lam

Chief Product Officer

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Dave Fong

Chief Financial Officer

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Machine Learning Engineer

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Kevin Le

Software Developer

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Ray Chan

Photography Lead

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Olivia Barbieri

Customer Success Manager

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Mohammad Nourbakhsh


Michael Yagudaev

Mobile Developer

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Alinstein Jose

Machine Learning Engineer

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Hardik Uppal

Machine Learning Engineer

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Our commitment to R&D

At Skylab we are committed to advancing research in computational photography and computer vision.

We have released the first large-scale, professionally retouched dataset of human faces to encourage further work by others. Explore this and our first academic publication to gain more insight into how Skylab is revolutionizing the world of photo editing.